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Seeking bankruptcy, debt relief or foreclosure in South Carolina, SC? Call a South Carolina bankruptcy attorney located in the low country of Hilton Head & Beaufort County to help you properly submit your filing.

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    David Stone has provided legal assistance and counsel to thousands of clients throughout his 30+ year career as a lawyer and attorney in New York, New Jersey and South Carolina, with his one-on-one approach focusing primarily on consumer and business bankruptcy, foreclosure and debt relief related issues involving chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy clients.

    As the founder of the on-line platform he reaches out to educate and represent clients so as to protect consumer and business bankruptcy clients from collection efforts by creditors, to cease creditor calls, harassment by collection agencies, end wage garnishment, lawsuits, foreclosure and evictions actions.

    We also work with businesses to pre-determine the best legal structure prior to formation so as to protect individual and company assets in the event of future insolvency, and represent them in areas of litigation and dissolution.

    David Stone, Esq. is an attorney with 30+ years of legal experience who provides insight and knowledge into bankruptcy issues that other less seasoned attorneys cannot yet offer or provide. With extensive experience as a bankruptcy attorney and lawyer, civil and criminal litigator and corporate advisor, David Stone, Esq. understands the nuances and esoteric issues involved with every case, and brings a multidisciplinary understanding and approach that younger and less experienced attorneys cannot provide.

    David Stone, Esq. received his law degree from The John Marshall Law School which is now a Division of the renowned University of Illinois, and he is licensed to practice law in the State and Federal courts of South Carolina, New York and Georgia.

    David Stone, Esq. provides a level of experience and sophistication that other so-called Bankruptcy attorneys and lawyers cannot yet provide. A FREE CONSULTATION is always available and we can meet with you virtually by video-conference at all times of the day, night and weekends so as to assure convenience to you.


    Bankruptcy Lawyer Serving South Carolina

    Bankruptcy Lawyer Serving South Carolina, SC

    Filing bankruptcy is a tough decision to make. We can help you through one of the hardest moments you’ll face in life by helping you make the right decision to take back your financial future.

    As an experienced Attorney whose focus is on bankruptcy, the SCBankruptcyNetwork and David Stone, Esq. will thoroughly discuss How to file for bankruptcy, What happens when you file for bankruptcy, How does bankruptcy work, and the pros and cons for filing for bankruptcy. We will explain the Bankruptcy means test and when it is appropriate to use the Bankruptcy automatic stay.

    We have a depth of experience with Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 11 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and can advise you whether one of these is the right option for your situation.

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    Foreclosure Defense Serving South Carolina

    Foreclosure Defense Serving South Carolina

    Many families face foreclosure and eviction when they are unable to make their mortgage payments due to a change in life circumstances. Foreclosure defense attorneys can help with foreclosure prevention.

    Can bankruptcy stop foreclosure? Chapter 13 Bankruptcy foreclosure filings gives you an “automatic stay.” Foreclosure vs Bankruptcy. This foreclosure defense prevents creditors from calling you, writing you, or foreclosing on your property once you have declared bankruptcy.

    SC Bankruptcy Network can help with foreclosure prevention.

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    Business Law Litigation or Bankruptcy Attorney Serving South Carolina

    Business Law Litigation or Bankruptcy Attorney Serving South Carolina

    If your business is in trouble and you’re trying to figure out the best course of action, we can work with you to understand your situation.
    SC Bankruptcy Network can represent you in corporate litigation, shareholder litigation or equity holder litigation.

    Depending on your company structure, we can help determine whether business bankruptcy or dissolution is the best option to protect your personal finances and help you set realistic goals for your business.

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    • Company structure
    • Dissolution
    • Corporate litigation
    • Shareholder litigation
    • Equity holder litigation



    • David Stone has given me the best possible advice when dealing with a personal bankruptcy. His good advice and wonderful 'bedside' manner helped me get through the process is a way that was manageable during a very difficult time. He knows his way around the system and can easily navigate even the most complicated scenario. I give him my highest recommendation.  
      ★★★★★ I value his counsel tremendously.
    • David did an incredible job with my case. He helped get my life back in order quickly and professionally. He has a firm handle on the laws. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a great lawyer who will represent them to the fullest and go to great lengths to represent their client.  
      ★★★★★ A great experience
    • I hire David after speaking with him on the phone. When I told him it was hard for me to get off during the day he said that would be no problem we could do it all on Skype. He was right and that is how we completed all of the paperwork. He explained everything in great detail. I could call him any time and he would answer the phone and answer my questions. David is the best lawyer I have worked with. I was really nervous and did not want to file but I had no other option. He was able to calm my nerves and let me know that bad things happen to good people. Thank you David for all the help.  
      ★★★★★ Chapter 13 Made Eas
    • Over the last 15 years David has taken on some very difficult cases on my behalf. He is the quintessential club fighter, always finding a way to further my interest and find the desirable conclusion. He has been our corporate and personnel attorney for many years and we continue to use his services.  
      ★★★★★ Trustorthy, Thorough and Relentless


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    FUN FACTS OF South Carolina

    • Capital: Columbia
    • Year Founded: 1788
    • Major Cities: Columbia, Charleston, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Rock Hill
    • Borders: North Carolina, Georgia, Atlantic Ocean
    • Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Millions USD: $176,217
    • Population: 4,012,012
    • Land Area (Sq Miles): 31,055
    • High Point (Feet): 3,560
    • Other Facts: Key Industries: Agriculture including poultry, cattle, soybeans, tobacco, and peaches, Textiles, chemicals, paper, automobiles, machinery, and tourism. How South Carolina got its name: The Carolinas were named in honor of King Charles I. The Latin for Charles is translated as Carolus. South Carolina State Symbols: State Nickname: Palmetto State; State Slogan: Smiling Faces. Beautiful Places. Also on one of its two base license plates.; State Motto: Animis opibusque parati (Prepared in mind and resources) and Dum spiro spero (While I breathe, I hope); State flower: Yellow Jessamine; State Bird: Carolina Wren; State Fish: Striped bass; State Tree: Palmetto; State Mammal: White-tailed deer, Boykin Spaniel; State Foods: Peach, Milk, Sweet Tea ; Becoming a State: Date Admitted: May 23, 1788; Number Admitted: 8; Prior Name: Province of South Carolina, then sovereign state in Confederation; Postal Abbreviation: SC; The Geography of South Carolina: Total Size: 30,109 sq. Miles (source: 2003 Census); Geographical Low Point: Atlantic Ocean at Sea Level (source: U.S. Geological Survey); Geographical High Point: Sassafras Mtn. at 3,560 feet, located in the county/subdivision of Pickens (source: U.S. Geological Survey); Central Point: Located in Richland County approx. Thirteen miles southeast of Columbia (source: U.S. Geological Survey);Counties: 46 (source: National Association of Counties); Bodies of Water: Atlantic Ocean, Lake Murray, Lake Marion, Lake Moultrie, Lake Hartwell, Pee Dee River, Saluda River, and Santee River. Famous People: James Brown – Singer; Joe Frazier – Champion Heavyweight Boxer; Kevin Garnett – Professional basketball player; Sarah Moore Grimke – Women’s rights activist; Andrew Jackson – The 7th President of the United States; Jesse Jackson – Civil rights activist; Jasper Johns – Artist; Shoeless Joe Jackson – Professional baseball player; Chris Rock – Comedian and actor; Vana White – Game show host; More Fun Facts: The State Tree of South Carolina, the Palmetto Tree, was used to build the walls for a fort on Sullivan Island. The rubbery trees were a great defense as cannon balls bounced right off them!; The first shots of the Civil War were in South Carolina at Fort Sumter.; Johnston, South Carolina is called the Peach Capital of the World. There is a giant water tower in the shape of a peach near Gaffney.; Before South Carolina adopted the Palmetto State as its nickname, it was called the Iodine State.; The official state dance is the Shag.; There are rumors that a water monster lurks in the depths of Lake Murray.; The state amphibian is the salamander. The state insect is the Carolina Mantis.; South Carolina beaches are popular tourist destinations including the Grand Strand and Myrtle Beach.; Professional Sports Teams: There are no major Professional Sports Teams in South Carolina. The Carolina Panthers play just across the border in Charlotte.” Citation: Nelson, Ken. “United States Geography for Kids: South Carolina .” Ducksters, Technological Solutions, Inc. (TSI), Carolina
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