PS -my parents just think the world of you!


Thanks for all of your time, attention, and kindness. As a fellow member of the bar, I fully appreciate the professional services you provided for an obscenely fair price. And the kindness and respect you afforded my parents is priceless. I look forward to meeting you one day sooner than later and enjoying a nice bottle of wine and meal together, if you will agree to be my guest.

Best regards,


I would like to recognize how important your help has been to my wife and me. We have been given a new chance in life and we intend to enter retirement with hope instead of fear. You guided us every step of the way, especially when times were the toughest. I know you did what was needed and not just what was expected. That, my friend, is the mark of a true professional. We are very grateful.

RBP & HW (2-27-16)

Dear Mr. Stone-Thank you so much for the time and advice you provided us earlier this week. You will never know what a calming effect and lifting of a burden you provided to two seniors! We have been diligently taking steps to stem the bleeding and are much better equipped to face the future than we were. You are living proof of the value of expert advice provided in a non-judgmental way. We are forever in your debt!”


David Stone was a lifesaver. After month of working with our mortgage lender towards a loan modification program, the bank decided to file for foreclosure with the court because all documents were not received on time. With our house pending foreclosure and other bills exhausting all our incomes, it made sense to file bankruptcy to get a fresh start. Initially I was drawn to the Law Office of Stone and Associates because of the hours that he was available to his clients, his years of experience handling bankruptcy cases, his local office, and transparency about what he charged. Finding out he was now living in New York [but working in New York and South Carolina] was a bit of a concern as I was planning to file in South Carolina, however, with a time constraint of a pending court date, he was able to handle most of the paperwork and filing through electronic methods. We were able to fax and email our documents to be examined and prepared for filing. Mr. Stone went over each completed documents before anything was signed. Felt like a burden was lifted when he walked with us out of the courtroom. It was a relief to know that it was all going to be ok, and that we had a lawyer willing to spend days and even nights working with us.

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